Stone Dear Q Boost guitar effects pedal

Exclusive Q Boost Silver Edition

From Stone Deaf – the Q Boost Silver Edition          

Yours for £150 but you’ll need to be quick!

Here’s what they say about it:

Back by popular demand we have finally yielded to customers who wanted the original artwork from McBess but in a different colourway.

We also managed to find a manufacturer to manufacturer a custom toggle switch to set the look off and make it look beautiful.

Still the great sound and simple to use versatility. If you are not familiar then the Q Boost basically gives you two types of boost: Vintage and Modern sides that you can select via the toggle switch.

The vintage side will boost your amp with a huge amount of gain to deliver that dying amp sound that’s fuzzy and vintage sounding. Put it in front of a high headroom British style amp and you will have your pants flapping.

The clean side is the “Modern” side which is very transparent and increases the overall output from your amp. You can dial it in so this induces a more glassy overdrive tone but all the above is dependent on your pickups and amplifier type. It functions so differently with different amps and pickups.

It sounds Brutal on smaller amps and can get that super fuzz or dying amp sound with 10 inch speakers or even 8 inch speakers.

Great pedal for getting different tones from your bass and guitar from different amps in any style or setting.    

For more information and to order: Stone Deaf

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