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Boss Pedals

Boss Effects Pedals – the go effects pedal company for chorus, delay, reverb, fuzz, overdrive, distortion and looping…

Established in Japan in 1973, Boss is one of the biggest effects makers in the world today, as well as the second biggest guitar amp maker in the world, having achieved legendary status among guitarists by offering a huge and diverse range of pedals.

Their first pedal was the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble – the world’s first chorus pedal – variants of which today are still the go to pedals for chorus.

A relentlessly innovative company they can claim to have made the worlds first chorus, digital delay, automatic chromatic tuner and digital reverb pedals.

Their pioneering compact pedals first appeared in 1977 and they now have a massive range available – all colour coded by effects type.

Boss Compressor guitar effects pedal

The original OD-1, PH-1 and SP-1 compact pedals are legendary and evolved versions are still made today. The OS-1 is their all-time best seller, counting millions of customers. Other pedals, which defined the genre, such as the MT-2, have sold over one million units.

Boss MT-2 guitar effects pedal

Today, their compact pedals come in standard form, most retailing around c£85 and then they have the higher quality Waza Craft versions of these that retail around c£135 each.

Built like a tank, very usable and designed to last forever these pedals can be seen on just about every professional musician’s boards.

Other ranges include the 200 Series, launched in 2019, the 500 Series, X series, Acoustic range and bass pedals.

Boss GT 1000 guitar effects pedal

Their Multi Effects units, that started with the ME-5 in 1998, today feature a range of fully digital floor processors including the flagship GT-1000.

WAZA Craft

Boss Waza Craft effects pedals


Boss Blues Driver guitar effects pedal


Boss Graphic Equalizer guitar effects pedal


Boss Delay guitar effects pedal


Boss Chorus guitar effects pedal

Dynamics/Filter Synth

Boss Synthesizer guitar effects pedal

Tuners & Utility

Boss Looper guitar effects pedal

Website: www.boss.info

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