ESP Lefties

Good news for all you lefties out there (all 12% or 924 million of you) ESP is launching a load of left-handed models. Why makers don’t or refuse to do left-handed models is beyond us but at least ESP have a great selection available.

It may be a little while before they are all in production but these are the models that will be available soon:

• LTD EC-1000 (Burled Poplar/Blue Natural Fade)
• LTD EC-1000S Fluence
• LTD EC-1000T (Flamed Maple/ Black Natural Burst)
• LTD EC-1000 (Violet Andromeda)
• LTD EC-256 (Vintage Natural)
• LTD Eclipse ’87 (Black)
• LTD Eclipse ’87 NT (Pearl White)
• LTD F-200 (Black Satin)
• LTD H-200 (Flamed Maple/See Thru Purple)
• LTD M-1000HT (Black Fade)
• LTD M-1 Custom ’87 (Candy Apple Red)
• LTD Mirage Deluxe ’87 (Pearl Pink)
• LTD Phoenix-1000 (Vintage White)
• LTD SN-1000HT (Purple Blast)
• LTD Viper-1000 (Quilted Maple/See Thru Purple Sunburst)

• LTD D-4 (Burled Poplar/Black Natural Burst Satin)
• LTD D-5 (Burled Poplar/Black Natural Burst Satin)
• LTD Surveyor ’87 (Black)

6 March 2020

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