EHX Slap Back Echo guitar effects pedal

EHX Slap Back Echo

It’s back! 1978 rarity reissued with modern updates

The 50s era gave birth to an iconic sound in which a single, short delay was utilized to add depth and rhythmic effect on countless recordings. The newly reissued all-analogue design of the EHX Slap-Back Echo delivers this beloved classic sound and more in a Pico-sized pedalboard-friendly package.

With three delay time settings and up to +20dB of boost, the Slap-Back Echo can achieve subtle doubling effects to intense bathroom reflections all with the distinct flavour of bucket-brigade (BBD) circuitry.


Housed in EHX’s Pico-sized chassis, the Slap-Back Echo features Gain and Blend knobs as well as a Time switch. The Gain knob controls the input signal before the echo circuit and also adjusts the overall volume at the output with a boost of up to +20dB. The Blend knob mixes the dry signal and the echo signal from 100% dry to 100% echo. The Time switch selects between three different delay times: 45ms, 65ms, and 100ms.

Watch the video: EHX Slap Back Echo


Independent gain and blend knobs
Time switch with 45ms, 65ms, and 100ms delay times
Up to 20dB of boost
Small, pico-sized chassis
9V power supply included

In shops now – RRP £82

More info: EHX

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