EHX LPB-3 booster guitar effects pedal


Updated – the first ever EHX pedal – the LPB-3 

Apparently, before there was Muff, there was boost. The LPB-1 Linear Power Booster was originally discovered by EHX founder Mike Matthews while working with engineer Bob Myer to develop the very first Big Muff Pi pedal for Electro-Harmonix.

Over 5 decades and millions of pedals later, Electro-Harmonix introduce their latest Linear Power Booster, the LPB-3.

Housed in EHX’s Nano-sized chassis, the LPB-3 is capable of boosting up to +33dB of clean gain with the powerful tone shaping of a 3-band EQ with parametric Mids.

BOOST sets the overall output of the pedal with a MAX switch toggling between 20dB and 33dB of maximum boost.
Use the PRE-GAIN knob to fine-tune the total gain and volume of the boost.
The 3-Band EQ features TREBLE and BASS knobs to control the highs and lows plus a parametric Mids.

This all-around boost pedal’s additional features include switchable Buffered/True Bypass switching and internally extended 30V power rails for enhanced headroom.

Street price around £130

Check it out at: EHX

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