DryBell The Engine

If you like your pre-amps to be pedal sized then The Engine, a new release from DryBell could be the one for you.

The Engine is a “highly versatile and fully analog foundation preamp pedal with distinct voicing inspired by 60’s British classic amps and sounds. It covers all the classic overdriven tones on a variety of amps and can be pushed even more with our take on the classic Range(master) and a powerful EQ/Boost section.”

It features two very strong & independent sections, designed to work perfectly with a variety of music gear, regardless of your playing style.
This unique synergy of dynamic overdriven foundation tone combined with a sparkling Range boost will give you a huge sonic world to explore.
Side A will give you that British flavored tube-like distortion which can be pushed even more with the powerful Range(master) control and versatile EQ/Boost section of Side B.

Check it out at DryBell

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23 June 2020