Two Duesenberg Senior guitars

Duesenberg Senior

 The all new Duesenberg Senior – cool!       

Simplicity and elegance have found a new home with the Duesenberg Senior. Everything you need for a raw and punchy rock tone with a few tricks up its sleeve.

Two Duesenberg Senior electric guitars

Here’s what they say about it:

Our newly developed Split/King pickup allows you to extend the tonal range of this single pickup guitar to reach completely new levels of versatility.

You can switch between real humbucker and real single coil mode. But it is not the splittable humbucker you might expect. It actually houses a real single coil which can be extended to a full humbucker with a second, specially designed coil to actually deliver the best of both worlds.

As a third option, the pickup can be set into an in between mode where both coils are mixed in a special way to give you even more flexibility.

The mode can be selected with the 3-position rotary pickup switch at the cutaway while the elegant “Phonico” pickup cover continues our vision of truly independent hardware design.

Large sound chambers deliver a lighter and more resonant guitar compared to a regular solid body construction.

The Senior comes in either all-over Blonde or all-over high-gloss Black.                       

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