Diamond Pedals

Made In Canada and loved globally since 2004 and reborn in 2023, Diamond Pedals are designed and built entirely in their own workshops.


Pedals include the Comp/EQ, Bass Comp/EQ, Memory Lane, Tremolo, Diamond Drive and Vibrato.

Three Diamond guitar effects pedals

All pedals feature pedalboard-friendly sized enclosures, top jacks, soft-touch True Bypass switching, and standardized negative-centre 9-18VDC input with polarity and over-voltage protection making for a bulletproof pedal ready for any gig.


Back in 2003 Michael Knappe and Tim Fifield designed the Diamond Drive in their spare time as a hobby.

The Drive was released in 2004, the first product to ship out under the Diamond name, bought by Aimish Wallace who at the time was the Guitar Product buyer at the Musicstop chain. Aimish would later become Diamond’s Director of Operations.

Over the next 15 years this innovative brand designed and released a number of ‘classic’ pedals.

Unfortunately, in 2021 In the midst of a global pandemic, PolyBlend Systems Inc, owners of Diamond, was sadly forced to close-up shop with Diamond. However, when Greg Djerrahian of SolidGoldFX heard of this, he took them on and their journey continues.

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