D’Angelico Offset P90

The offset and P90’s seem to rule supreme!  Put them together and you have the return of the Premier Bedford from D’Angelico.

Now pairing its sleek offset body with two Duncan Designed P90s, the Premier Bedford offers sparkling and elastic articulation in a tried-and-true configuration. Constructed with either a mahogany or basswood body depending on your colour of choice, the Premier Bedford was designed to be well-balanced, both sonically and physically. Its slim C-shape neck and fast fingerboard radius guarantee player comfort, while generous body contours and overall size make it easy to wield. Now available in Sky Blue, Oxblood and Black Flake.

Designed to feature its unique offset body shape, the Bedford offers exceptional body balance and a speedy look and feel. A slim, satin-finished maple set neck guarantees exceptional playability and stability. No sticky fretting hand, no wrist-ache—all comfort.

More information at: D’Angelico

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