D’Angelico Baritones

D’Angelico launch all new Baritone models.         

Introducing their first ever baritone models, the Deluxe Atlantic and Deluxe SS Baritones. Complete with custom USA Seymour Duncan pickups available exclusively to D’Angelico, these baritones were designed to allow ⁠you to dive into unprecedented depth of tone without sacrificing the player comfort you’ve come to expect from D’Angelico guitars.

Deluxe Altantic

The Deluxe Atlantic Baritone features two Seymour Duncan Seth Lover A4 humbuckers and is available now in Solid Black and Satin Walnut.

Deluxe SS

The Deluxe SS Baritone features Custom Seymour Duncan Great Dane P90s and is available in Satin Trans Wine and Satin Honey.         

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