News 3 May 2019

Danelectro have finally unveiled the first of their ‘vintage’ pedals which should hit these shores soon. This includes the Breakdown a Boost/overdrive pedal. As Danelectro says: “Rewind to 1968. Famous guitar god uses this pedal to record his first album. Entire planet goes nuts. Inexplicably, the pedal then disappears. Until now. Danelectro® resurrects this awesome, incredibly organic sounding pedal. 6 position “Break Up” control knob takes your guitar signal and slams the front of your amp with increasing punch” We are looking forward to trying one out.

Website: http://danelectro.com/vintage-pedals/

Danelectro make the Billionaire series of pedals which includes overdrive, boost, tremolo and spinning speaker effects.

Website: http://billionairetone.com/

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