8 Crazy Tube guitar effects pedals

Crazy Tube Circuits

Based out of Greece, Crazy Tube Circuits design and make a range of quality pedals including Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Compression, Boost, Delay, Reverb and Modulation.

With 25 pedals in their range they offer plenty of tonal range, with many pedals pairing both amp and drive sounds in one, such as the Unobtanium, Crossfire and their latest addition, the Hi Power.

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The Crossfire for example, pairs a blackface amp with a green mid-hump overdrive; the Hi Power pairs the Hiwatt amp sound with a Colorsound Power Boost pedal.


Four Crazy Tube distortion guitar pedals

Comprises 12 pedals – both single and dual stomp – including the Hi Power, Crossfire, Falcon and Stardust.


2 Crazy Tube guitar effects pedals

Includes the Golden Ratio and Super Conductor,


Four Crazy Tube guitar effects pedals

Five pedals including the Sidekick, Splash and White Whale.


Three Crazy Tube guitar effects pedals

Includes the Memphis, Cyclone and Killer V.

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