Cool Guitars

So, just what is a cool guitar? Ask any guitarist and they will all have a different opinion depending on their style of play, colour and shape preferences, so we will never get agreement.

But we reckon a cool guitar is one that looks good on stage (so that the audience think you must be good to play one of those) and is something a fellow guitarist wouldn’t mind owning or playing. And it has to be affordable so we can all get one. Make sense?

Top Six

  1. Fiesta Red Stratocaster
  2. Orange Gretsch
  3. Sunburst Casino
  4. Fireglo Rickenbacker
  5. White Les Paul
  6. Blue Danelectro

On that basis we all agreed here at YourNextGuitar that the following met the criteria, in no particular order, and with the proviso that we can add more at anytime:

Fiesta Red Strat
The one that started it all in the ‘50’s – many a guitarist fell in love with this exotic guitar at first sight, particularly as it was virtually impossible to get one in the UK when it was launched

Orange (or white or green and possibly blue) Gretsch
You’ll always look cool with a Gretsch hollowbody; bling with tone, playability and mojo

Epiphone Casino – Sunburst is best but the new blak and blu signature also looks good to us.
The Beatles made this one cool – check out the Revolver album for the sound – (and probably did the same for Rickenbacker and Gretsch…)

Ricky? Yes, please. Fireglo? Yes, please. 360, 330 or 620? Not fussed. Six string or 12 string, even a bass, we don’t mind…

White Les Paul
The original ‘bling’ guitar – white with gold hardware. An alternative would be a black one, with three pickups…a la Frampton

Danelectro ‘59M
Quirky, original construction, lipstick pups, great stage presence and great colours. Cool blue? Yes, please

I am sure that we could include many more, such as the Fender Cabronita Tele (black with white pickguard), Gibson Firebird (purple please), Fender Jaguar (surf green)…

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