Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a second hand sellers account?

Click on 'Register' or 'Post an Advert' and set up your exclusive account profile, either as a private seller or as a retail store. This will include your name, basic details and email address as well as a password of your choice. You can then place an advertisement. If you have a PayPal account you can also log this in your account. On your advert only your first name, or store name, will appear with your phone number if authorised. NB: If you are using Firefox as a browser not all the functionality of the site is available in some versions - if this occurs please use Chrome or IE.

Is it free to advertise on the second hand pages?

Yes it is free to advertise- there are no insertion fees or sellers fees; you can place as many advertisements for guitars and equipment as you wish. However, we do offer to enhance your advert which incurs a small charge. At the time you post your advert you will be asked if you wish to purchase certain advertising services (which cost from £3.00 including VAT up to £9.95).

How do I create a good advertisement?

Make sure that your advertisement title describes the product so that it will appeal to buyers. Use descriptive and product words; for example: Tanglewood TW55NS 6 string acoustic. The advert will also then be picked up by the free search facility on the site and the search engines.

You should then write a detailed description of the product (even if this repeats what it is the title) including make, model, colour, age, how used (home use or gigged), any custom or unusual features and the overall condition.

Do not be afraid to include details of scratches or dings – it is after all a used product and the buyer may not be impressed if the delivered product is not what they thought.

Also include any technical details that might be relevant to the buyer such as what woods it is made from, whether it is all original or has been upgraded, pickup details, has it got a Bigsby/Floyd Rose etc. You can also include details of any extras you are selling with it such as a gigbag, hard case etc.

Don’t forget to put the price you expect to sell it for!

You may also want to add the payment and shipping details, or whether you will meet the buyer to let them try the item out. Be clear about payment methods you accept. Be as specific as you can about your shipping costs.

You can add an image/photo of the item via the browse and upload function. You can add up to six images - the first one will appear on the main advert (max file size is 2mb per image).

You can edit or remove your advert at any time.

How long will the advert stay on the site?

The advert will stay on the site for 90 days. If it is sold during this period you can mark it as 'sold'. You can also edit or remove it yourself at any time.

Can I advertise any product on the site?

Yes, as long as it is a guitar, amp, effect or accessory. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Can I advertise more than one product?

Yes, you can advertise as many guitars, amps and related products as you like! See our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Is selling secure on your site?

If you wish you can be contacted via email through the site, rather than have a buyer call you. You can ask buyers to pay you via PayPal, if you both have an account, or you can arrange to meet to exchange goods and payment. Your Next Guitar is only responsible for your advertisement on the site and we advise that you check the buyer out and that you are comfortable meeting them or shipping the product.

I have been contacted by a buyer what should I do?

We advise that you check the integrity of the buyer before agreeing to meet or before shipping the item. The buyer will have registered with us but we only hold basic details on them; it is your responsibility to check them out. 

As a buyer how do I contact the seller?

If their telephone number is not shown click 'Reply to this ad' to send them a message or ask a question.

How can I be sure the used products are in good condition?

We advise that you check the integrity of the seller before agreeing to meet or before agreeing to buy the item and paying for it. All sellers, who are both retailers and private individuals, will have registered with us but we only hold basic details on them; it is your responsibility to check them out and ensure that the item is theirs to sell and as described.

Is buying secure on your site?

The Books & DVD shop is powered by Amazon and you will be buying items through and from Amazon. The Effects, Accessories and Gifts shops are managed by YourNextGuitar and select retailers who use fully secure payment systems.

What does ‘comparison’ mean to me and how do I buy?

Your Next Guitar has teamed up with retailers across the UK to provide you with details on who stocks the item and for how much, giving you options and choices on whom to buy from. You can choose to click through to the retailer’s site or call them to discuss the item.

I can’t find what I want – am I searching correctly?

You can search by manufacturer, product or free text; if the item is not listed then it is not in stock with the retailers we have partnered with. For more details on stockists go to the ‘A-Z of manufacturers’ and click on the manufacturer

Why does the books/DVD page link to Amazon?

We have partnered with Amazon to bring you a wide choice of products at competitive prices.

Can I be notified when a product comes up for sale?

If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest you can see when new or interesting products are added to the site

When I register are my details secure?

Yes, please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information.

Your Next Guitar is part of Chesterton Gray Limited

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