About Your Next Guitar.com

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Us in a nutshell

We are a UK based, online shop and information site for all things guitar. As you do, we have a passion for the guitar in all its forms and can’t get enough of them! On our site you can buy and sell guitars, amps, effects and accessories and also find out loads about well known - and obscure - makers, both from the UK and globally. In fact, we love UK stuff.

Where did we come from?

Having been a ‘somewhat’ guitarist for many years now – I first played when I was a teenager, stopped when I started work and then started again – I guess I am like most players – enthusiastic but limited! I just love guitars – their look, feel, sound and ‘it’ factor – and decided a few years ago to set up an on-line business about all things guitar.

Guitars are wonderful to play, look at, hold and own and we hope you find what you are looking for on YourNextGuitar.com.


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