Choosing a Looper

Looper pedals are in and the choice is getting ever larger with all sizes from compact to two/three footswitches to very complicated multi-function devices with corresponding prices.

So why use a looper?

As a basic you can ‘record’ yourself and check back if you are in time/getting the chord changes right/the notes in the correct order or just to check your tone/sound. You can put down a basic chord progression and then play over the top of it, or you can construct layer upon layer and record different parts of a song. 

At its most basic a looper will help you with your timing and rhythm – if you are slightly out on a sequence it certainly shows up on playback!

Plenty of Choice

If you want simple, then go for the Ditto Looper, which does what it says on the tin; if you want complicated take a look at the Boss RC-300, EHX 9500 Performance Loop Laboratory or the Headrush Looperboard.  Stereo? Yes, you can have that in the EX 720. Want drums and bass? Look at the DigiTech Trio Band Creator or the Line 6 JM4. How about Delay? No problem, the TC Electronic Flashback X4 handles that. Popular loopers include Boss, Line 6, MXR, Digitech, TC Electronic and Electro Harmonix.


From their ‘basic’ RC-1 Loop Station to the multi-function RC-300 Boss have been a go-to for loopers for many years. Take your pick:
RC-1 £80
RC-3 £115
RC-10R £260
RC-30 £160
RC-202 £230
RC-505 £380
RC-300 £390

Line 6 JM4 Looper £230

This pedal/unit has a great looper as well drum tracks, backing tracks, amp models/sims enabling you to structure and record entire songs.

MXR Clone £160

DigiTech JamMan Solo £99

TC Electronic

Their Ditto range is fantastic and so easy to use.
Ditto Looper £70
X2 Looper £115
X4 Looper £160

Electro Harmonix

360 Nano £90
720 Stereo £130
22500 £250
9500 Performance Loop Laboratory £480

Headrush Looperboard £720

The bees knees with buttons and knobs to match!

Many pedal makers have loopers in their catalogue such as Mooer, Hotone, Radial Engineering and Chase Bliss with prices from £49 to £349 and beyond.

Many of the multi-effects pedals/processors also have loopers built in so the choice is endless.

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