Chase Bliss Reverse Mode C effects pedal for guitar

Chase Bliss Reverse Mode C

Reverse Mode C is a fantastical mix of motion and space.

Here’s what they say about it: It’s an echo composed of multiple distinct voices that move in different directions – forward, backward, and up – that you can blend, isolate, and sequence, all glued together by some very colourful modulation.

It was made in collaboration with Empress Effects, and is a celebration of a very special mode found on their Superdelay, released in 2008.

Explore six varieties of modulation that can be pushed into audio rate. The motion can be synced to the delay time or free-running. Frequency shifting (x2), vibrato, chorus, tremolo (x2).

Multidirectinoal Echoes

Reverse Mode C has three different echo voices that can be isolated or blended together in a variety of ways to create rich, layered repeats and unique panning effects.


Cycle between the different voices to create rolling echoes and a shifting stereo image. Have the sequencer run continuously for an additional layer of synced motion, or control it with your playing dynamics.

One of their “made-to-order line of special edition pedals”. To get yours simply order within the month-long pre-order period and they will make a pedal just for you.

You have until the end of August to order a Reverse Mode C, with shipping from early October.

Pre-order direct at: Chase Bliss

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