Chase Bliss Onward sampler guitar effects pedal

Chase Bliss Onward sampler

The Chase Bliss Onward sampler released              

The Onward is an audio-controlled sampler that tracks your playing and uses it to create these really immersive musical landscapes that move when you do.

Here’s what they say about it:

Onward is a sampler controlled by your playing. It moves when you do, capturing the sounds you make to create rich musical landscapes.

You will find responsive accompaniment, synthetic reimaginings, and a whole heap of glitching dreamscapes.

It has two sides – one freeze for soft, smooth sounds, and one glitch for angular, repeating sounds. Combine them into one moving mega-effect, or split them apart for waves of depth and dimension.

Use Onward’s clump of built-in effects to add texture, harmony, and motion to your samples. An overdriven sub-octave perhaps, or maybe a low-resolution chorus.

Onward includes a synth-inspired Shape section that controls the way it moves, for everything from slow swells to infinite plains to tight bursts of sound.

Break up the routine with three different flavours of malfunction. Mess with timing, playback, and condition to make the glitches feel more natural and/or get the freeze in on the fun.

Pre-order now for late June delivery.

For more information and to order: Chase Bliss

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