Chase Bliss Mood Mk II electric guitar pedal

Chase Bliss Mood Mk II

New from Chase Bliss – Mood Mk II – the sequel              

Here is what Chase Bliss say about it:

MOOD MKII is a different kind of multi-effect. Its two channels are aware of each other and work together. One half samples and loops brief moments, the other is a collection of real-time spatial effects.

Twist any sound into a sprawling texture that you can freeze, loop and scatter across the stereo field, for instant gratification and endless exploration.

It’s a musical chemistry set. Transfer, combine, and get lost.

What’s new for the Chase Bliss MOOD MKII?

A lot! Stereo, overdubbing, freezing, syncing, fading, filtering, balancing, blending, smoothing, etc.

We’ve also polished up the sound quality, but there’s a Classic Mode for those of you who prefer dents and dings.

Pre-order now – Starts shipping late April in order received. Priced at $399

Order direct at: Chase Bliss

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