Chase Bliss Lossy guitar effects pedal

Chase Bliss Lossy

Another innovative pedal from Chase Bliss       

Designed in collaboration with Goodhertz, the Chase Bliss Lossy is another new and innovative pedal to shape your sound!

Here’s what they say about it:

Lossy captures the special kind of degradation that happens to digital audio when it’s shrunk, transferred, and compromised.

Streaming music on a 56k modem, an MP3 ripped from a CD-R, a viral video from 2007 played through a cellphone.

All the nasty and beautiful mistakes of heavily deconstructed digital audio in an easy-to-tweak real-time pedal.

Lossy captures the much-loved plugin from Goodhertz in a portable package, with performance enhancements, refined algorithms, and new features.

Lossy features advanced connectivity and customization options including MIDI, CV and Expression control, presets, and internal modulation of any or all its knobs.

What’s new? A built in limiter. Evolving spectral freeze. All Wet mode. Slow mode.

Pre-order direct at: Chase Bliss

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