Chase Bliss go direct!

Chase Bliss move to direct orders only.                    

After selling exclusively through dealers worldwide Chase Bliss pedals have gone direct. Here is what they say:

“Just over five months ago we announced our intention to transition to a pure “direct-to-consumer” business model. Instead of stores and dealers, our pedals would be sold directly from our website and shipped right to you.
It was a big choice, and this video explains why we did it.
We stopped taking dealer orders on that day. The big thing standing in our way at the time was that we still had A LOT of previous dealer orders on the books, and we didn’t feel comfortable making this change until our backlog was clean.
I am very happy to report today is that day. Our old dealer backlog is empty and we can now focus all of our efforts on serving YOU.”

Get your pedals now from their website.

More info: Chase Bliss

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