Chase Bliss Condor HiFi guitar effects pedal

Chase Bliss Condor HiFi

The Chase Bliss Condor HiFi-new & reissued!       

From Chase Bliss comes the Condor HiFi, which is based on the 2018 Condor, so it could also be a re-issue.

Here’s what they say about it:

Jump from warm, smoky tones to raw overdrive in an instant, punch in some jangly radio charm for the verse and cutting resonance for the solo. Part EQ, part filter, and part overdrive, it’s all there – Condor HiFi is a 100% analog, all-in-one solution to crafting your core tone.

Now built around the OPA1662 op-amp and internally boosted for 30V of clean headroom, Condor HiFi is one helpful little bird pedal.

Condor HiFi is built around the OPA1662 op-amp to deliver lower noise and a more high-fidelity response than the original, giving you vivid character where you need it and absolute transparency where you don’t.

We also borrowed the power supply from our Preamp MKII to internally boost the voltage up to a whopping 30V. This makes Condor a friendly partner to instruments of all kinds and gives you all the space you need to wildly boost without unwanted clipping.

For more information and to order: Chase Bliss

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