Carl Martin Ampster

The Ampster is an analog, single tube driven amp/speaker simulator.

The unit can either supplement your amp, or replace it. Carl Martin are well known for their analog pedals and the Amspter is a fully analog unit with controls that are the same as your amplifier with the addition of a mute switch, a speaker selection switch and a voicing switch.

“What’s more important, the Ampster reacts to your playing in the same way your full size amp does, giving you the same organic feel with zero latency!

Plug your guitar straight in, or plug your pedal board into the input jack, choose your output, and open your ears to a surprisingly big round clean sound. By adjusting the Gain, you can get a hint of that decidedly British Overdrive sound for which Carl Martin has become so well known, depending of course on the guitar and pickup configuration.”

More information at: Carl Martin

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