Guitar effects pedals

Building a Pedal Board

The ultimate guide to building a pedal board                   

Choose your pedal board


Equipment needed

• Overdrive/Distortion
• Fuzz

Select your pedals

The most common effects pedals that many guitarists use on their boards are:
• Tuner
• Wah-wah
• Compression
• Overdrive or Distortion
• Fuzz
• Chorus
• Flanger
• Delay
• Reverb
• Looper

Add your power supply


Arrange your pedals in order

Which order you put them in is up to you and how many overdrive and distortion pedals you have also, but the ‘default’ is:

From the input end: Tuner – Wah – Compression – Distortion/Overdrive – Fuzz – Modulation (chorus, flanger etc) – Delay – Reverb – Looper

Connect it all up


Add in your amp


Turn on and enjoy!

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