Guitar effects pedals from UK makers

British FX Makers

Ultimate Guide to British FX makers                                                                             

Think overdrive, fuzz or distortion, delay, reverb, chorus or phaser and a well-known pedal will spring to mind (usually US centric).

However, here in the UK we have some great FX makers, from the hand built, three a month in the shed or workshop to the production line, volume boys. Most offer a range of pedals that compete with, or are, the best in the business. Some make just one style of pedal; some are dedicated effects makers; whilst others also make amps, guitars and accessories.

As well as the dedicated boutique makers, we have also included Blackstar, Marshall, Orange and Vox as they are UK companies that principally design here but generally manufacture overseas. This does not diminish the range of pedals they make.

Many UK FX makers are ‘under the radar’ companies that you might not have heard of and won’t find being sold through the big retailers, rather, direct from their websites, using word of mouth marketing.

Whatever you fancy, try one and see! On the second hand market pedals command strong prices so you won’t lose out…

Effects Makers

We list them in A-Z below – as you can see there are quite a few! If we have missed any out, let us know and we will include them.

Ashdown Engineering
Audio Kitchen
Cog Effects

Marshall guitar effects pedals
Design Retro Works
Flattley Guitar Pedals
Fredric Effects

ThorpyFX guitar effects pedals
Funny Little Boxes
Fuzzy Rhodes
Green Carrot
Hall & Collins
Hudson Electronics

Origin Effects guitar effects pedals
Hylight Effects
Origin Effects
Rainger FX

Stone Deaf guitar effects pedals
Redbeard Effects
Stone Deaf
Vox Effects
Zander Circuitry

Zander guitar effects pedals

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