Vox Amp Brian May MV50 amp and amPlug

Brian May MV50 & amPlug

New from Vox – Brian May MV50 & amPlug

“I want people to be able to get the sounds you make in a stadium show into your living room, and this achieves that. I hope that people find them inspiring.”
– Brian May


The MV50 Brian May is a unique and inspiring guitar amplifier that is the result of a collaboration between Vox and the legendary Sir Brian May from Queen.

It successfully encapsulating his iconic tone into the popular Vox MV50 tube amp.

Enjoy Brian May’s iconic massive rock tones in a tube amp that can be held in the palm of your hand.

Yours for £259


One of Rock history’s most iconic guitar tones is now available to all, in the form of a headphone guitar amp designed and developed in collaboration between Vox and Sir Brian May.

The amPlug’s AC30 + Treble Booster setting is quite literally “the Brian May tone in the palm of your hand”.

Yours for £54.99

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