Brelliot TODP pedals

Brelliott Amps range of six TODP pedals.          

New to us is this range of six pedals from Birmingham based Brelliott Amps.

The TODP is a toolkit of distortion and overdrive. It ranges from smooth germanium diode crunch to transparent tube distortion sounds, via some rather tasty silicon and LED clipping options. It is, essentially, an overdrive into a distortion selector, into a soft clipping device, then a recovery amp with LP filter; any or all of these can be made to overdrive.

To profile the distortion, there are switches to precondition (cut) the bass response, modify the clipping symmetry, recover (boost) the bass response, and boost the overall level. At the end of the chain are Low Pass Filter and Volume controls, so that the bite can be gently carved in and out.               

Order yours now at Brelliott Amps

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