Boss Space Echo guitar effects pedals

Boss Space Echo

Classic Boss Space Echo in full and compact sizes           

We all love the sound and tone of a good tape delay, particularly those heard on classic recordings.


First introduced in 1974, the original Roland RE-201 Space Echo stands among the most legendary and sought-after effect units ever produced. A tape-based classic with distinctive rhythmic echo sounds and warm character, this quirky pedal remained in production for over 14 years.

Faithful Reproduction – RE-202

Backed by intensive R&D and their latest innovations, the Boss RE-202 faithfully delivers the authentic sound and behaviour of the original Space Echo like never before.

An advanced pedal that captures the RE-201’s magic in flawless detail, from the magnetic tape and motor properties to the vibrant spring reverb and colourful preamp circuit. Boss have also added lots of new features.

Compact RE-2

If you don’t have room (or the wallet) for the RE-202 you can now get the authentic sound and behaviour of the Space Echo in the compact RE-2 for the first time.

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