Boss make a range of superb amps, both valve and digital/modelling including the Waza Amp, Nextone, Katana and Acoustic Singer ranges.

New Releases

Katana Air-EX

The Amps

Waza – 75 and 150 watt heads and cabinets. Valve driven rock amps.


Katana – modelling amp range. Starts with the Katana Mini at £85 – a 7W battery powered amp – through the 50W, 100W and Artist versions up to the Air which is full of features for c£330.

All have amp tones and effects built in. The Air is a totally wireless guitar amplifier giving you the freedom to jam and practice without hassling with guitar cables – you can also take it anywhere with the optional battery operation. It kicks out 30W from two 7.5” speakers and is full of pro amp tones and effects to keep you playing.

Website: Boss Amps

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