Blackstar Sonnet acoustic amp

The Blackstar line keeps getting bigger and better! Their new Sonnet line of acoustic amps ‘amplify the natural response of your acoustic instrument capturing every nuance of its tone and your performance’. Bold claims but no doubt true as it is a Blackstar.

Each model has two independent channels, microphone and instrument, with their own EQ and reverb level settings and a host of player-friendly features such as XLR and USB outputs. The addition of Bluetooth audio playback makes them the ideal solution for solo performers or duos.

These amps are powerful, light and compact, and the built-in tilt-back stand projects the sound for any performance. You can choose between the 60 and the 120.

The Sonnet 60 could be the ideal grab-and-go acoustic combo. This light weight, compact and feature laden 60 Watt, 1×6.5 + tweeter combo is perfect for all your acoustic gigging needs. With microphone and instrument channels with independent EQ and REVERB levels, stunning studio quality reverbs: HALL and PLATE, High Pass Filter, Brilliance control, USB audio out, XLR D.I. mix output, MP3/Line in, Bluetooth audio, footswitch socket for audio mute and REVERB on/off and Tilt-back stand for ultimate sound projection.

29 February 2020