Atkin Eighty-five

A handmade reimagined vintage classic                                     

Atkin, known for their exceptional acoustic guitars have entered the world of electrics with their ‘reimagined’ and ‘modernised’ series of electric guitars. Shown above is the Atkin Eighty-five in hair metal mode!

Atkin say the range “addresses the quirks common with vintage electrics, giving you a great playing experience and retaining the aesthetic of the golden era of solid body electric guitar.”

Who can argue when they look this good?

Yours from £3000

Electric Series

The Atkin range includes the Mindhorn and T and S style guitars in the Fifty-two, Fifty-four, Fifty-nine, Sixty-three, Sixty-eight and Eighty-five.

Atkin range of electric guitars

All Atkin electric models feature:

An ultra-thin coat of custom nitrocellulose lacquer which will naturally wear in over time
In-line vintage-styled tuners from Gotoh for rock-solid tuning stability and a pressed steel string tree.
All made in the UK
Gotoh hardware
Modern ‘vintage’ necks with comfort in mind
In-house hand wound pickups tailored to each guitar

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