Ashdown Engineering

As well as a superb range of bass amps, bass guitars and audio equipment Ashdown also have a full range of effects pedals, catering to all tastes.

Founded in 1997 by former Trace Elliot MD Mark Gooday, Ashdown quickly became a firm favourite of bass players around the globe.

Their amps are used by bands and artists such as Foo Fighters, U2, Pino Palladino, Radiohead, System Of A Down, Biffy Clyro, Arcade Fire, The Stranglers, The Who and countless others.

The Ashdown range of 20 pedals includes drive, boost, fuzz and compressors, with prices from £99 to £549. The range includes single and double footswitches, from the simple, such as the AGM Pro Fuzz and Boost, to the complex, such as the Pro-DI and Original Valve Pre-DI.

Website: Ashdown Pedals

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