EHX Walking on the Moon flanger electric guitar pedal

Andy Summers Walking on the Moon Analog Flanger

Classic sound from EHX – Walking on the Moon        

Celebrating the classic, shimmering flanger sounds of the Police – the Andy Summers Walking on the Moon Analog Flanger is a tribute to the tones Andy employed while carving his niche in the early days of playing with the Police.

Liquid flange effects that hint toward chorus with extra depth and nuance make Andy’s sound one of the most coveted in all of the guitar universe.

Here’s what EHX say:

“This beautiful shimmering which sort of made the sound more bigger and more glamourous…became a sort of characteristic of my guitar sound…A big part of my guitar sound at that time in The Police was the flange sound which we have here today in this great new pedal.” – Andy Summers

The Andy Summers Walking on the Moon is an analog flanger with a simple but powerful control set of RATE, RANGE, and COLOR.

RATE sets the speed of modulation which ranges from slow, smooth filter sweeps to jittering vibrato.

RANGE controls how narrow or wide the effect sweeps into the bass frequency range.

The COLOR control effects the intensity of the flanger effect from subtle chorusing effects to classic jet woosh sounds. These three controls interact to create a wide breath of modulation effects.

Additionally, the Walking on the Moon includes a FILTER MATRIX which disengages the LFO from the flanger circuit, freezing the flanger giving a fixed filter effect which can add chime or metallic overtones to your sound without the movement of a traditional modulation pedal.

A DRY output allows you to split your dry signal from the effected signal.

Special Artist Edition graphics featuring Andy’s signature adorn the chassis and a tribute Walking on the Moon poster with art by Laura Josephson is included with each pedal.


 Analog Flanger / Filter Matrix sounds of Andy Summers
– RATE sets modulation speed
– RANGE adjusts lower limit of flanger sweep
– COLOR controls intensity of flanger effect
– Dedicated DRY output
– Special Artist Edition Graphics
– Includes Walking on the Moon poster design by Laura Josephson
– True Bypass
– 9V Power Supply included (optional 9V battery not included

More info: EHX

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