Vox amPlug3 headphone guitar amps

amPlug3 out now!

Out now the Vox amPlug3 headphone amps                    

Just released by Vox the amPlug3 range – “revolutionise your guitar and bass practice.”

As the third generation of Vox’s globally celebrated amPlug series, it’s not just an upgrade – it’s a complete reinvention.

Compact, versatile, and packed with features, amPlug3 is your solution for practising with exceptional guitar and bass amp tones, anytime and anywhere.

There are eight versions – all retailing at £47 – including the Brian May, AC30, Bass, Modern Bass, Boutique, UK Drive, US Silver and High Gain

A bargain at £47 and great sounding – we have had a few of the amPlugs in the past.

Enter here: Vox amPlug3

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