Ampeg SGT-DI pedal for bass guitars

Ampeg SGT-DI

Preamp pedal for bassists – the Ampeg SGT-DI

The SGT-DI™ preamp and DI gives modern bassists an entire rig in a single stompbox.

It delivers an enhanced Super Grit Technology™ overdrive circuit featuring iconic Ampeg SVT® and B15 voices, versatile 3-band EQ now with sweepable Mid circuit, Ultra-Hi and 3-way Ultra-Lo switches, a variable compressor, and an Aux /Headphone section.

Plus! Introducing the first IR Loader/Cab Simulator from Ampeg. Choose from three classic factory cabs or up to three cabs of your own by using the free Ampeg IR Loader application.


3-Band EQ with sweepable Mid circuit
SGT circuit with SVT and B15 voicing switch
Onboard IR Loader/Cab Simulator
Ultra-Hi and 3-way Ultra-Lo switches
Variable 10:1 compressor

Price c£360

More info: Ampeg

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