Martin GPCE Inception acoustic guitar

All new GPCE Inception

Martin unveils the all new CPCE Inception   

Martin unlock the sonic beauty of sustainable tonewoods with their innovative GPCE Inception™ Maple.

Here’s what they say about it:

Combining nature and technology, this ground breaking acoustic-electric features skeletonized scalloped bracing and sonic channels for increased resonance and superior tone – technology that’s purpose-built for this model’s particular tonewoods.

It’s a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation, taking the art of guitar manufacturing to new heights and new sounds.

Sound Test Results

During the final design phase, the GPCE Inception was measured using spectral analysis.

By measuring the frequency response of the instrument, we were able to narrow down the sonic impact of its unique design features.

In doing so, we proved that skeletonized bracing increases sustain and the sonic channeling increases amplitude.

Typically, when you increase sustain, you lose amplitude or vice versa; the unique design features of the GPCE Inception increase both.

Innovation In Every Note

The skeletonized bracing and sonic channels inside the GPCE Inception work together to increase sustain and amplitude, optimize airflow, and reduce the guitar’s mass without losing structural support, making maple sound better than it ever has.

It’s also made from a combination of sustainable tonewoods, including an FSC®-certified European spruce top, maple sides, and an eye-catching three-piece back of maple and black walnut, providing a clear, projective, and balanced tone.

More info: Martin GPCE

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