Aclam guitar effects pedals


Vintage inspired pedals for guitar and bass        

Aclam’s boutique guitar and bass pedals are handmade using high quality components to ensure reliability and sound quality.

The Mocker LTD

Based on the Vox UL730 built-in fuzz effect. Featuring New Old Stock OA200 diodes, the same used in the VOX UL series. Bias and Tone controls for a wide range of fuzz tones. Only 200 units.

Dr. Robert – Unknown Pleasures LTD

This special and limited edition is the most ‘disordered’ version of Dr. Robert. Dressed in black and beautifully packaged for the most Joy Division maniacs. Only 100 units.

Dr. Robert

The most accurate replica of the iconic VOX UL730 amp. Made famous by The Beatles as they used it on Revolver & Sgt. Pepper’s albums; The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Page or Joy Division.

The Woman Tone

An acclamation to the tone Clapton’s created during Cream’s period of time. It packs a discreete plexi overdrive and a footswitch to instantly recreate The Woman Tone!

The Windmiller Preamp

A preamp that recreates the Grampian Reverberation Unit Pete Townshend used as a saturation tool. Use it also as a booster or a tool to saturate and enhance the amp’s natural overdrive!

Cinnamon Drive

A highly versatile dual stage overdrive inspired by the vintage tube amp sounds of the 60’s and 70’s. Feel like Clapton, Page or Hendrix recreating vintage tube amps when pushed to max volume!

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