Big Muff Gold guitar pedal

50 Years of the Big Muff!

Wow – more than 50 years of the Big Muff!         

EHX are celebrating 55 years of the Big Muff Pi and 50 years of the Ram’s Head circuit with a limited-edition EHX Double Anniversary Big Muff Pi!

Limited to 555 pedals, this commemorative Muff is inspired by the rich history of the Big Muff Pi® and Electro-Harmonix with design elements that pay homage to the many faces of the Big Muff in a special limited-edition laser-etched golden chassis.

For the first time since the 1970s, the Double Anniversary Big Muff Pi will feature the Ram’s Head circuit in a “Big Box” full-sized Big Muff Pi chassis for all of the original mojo and magic craved by the true believers.

The limited-edition Gold Muff is sold out, but the party doesn’t end here. Stay gold and enter the Mucho Muff giveaway for a chance to win every Big Muff in production plus the Double Anniversary Big Muff Pi!

Enter here: EHX

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