15 Electrics under £500 for 2019

The ‘mid’ price sector is hotly contested by all manufactures including the big F and the big G (via Epiphone) and whether you are into blues, country, rock, metal, jazz or any point in between there will be a few guitars out there to tempt you.

Cort – M600TBC c£475

Website: www.cortguitars.com

Danelectro DC59M c£399

Website: www.danelectro.com

Epiphone – Casino c£449

Website: www.epiphone.com

ESP – LTD EC-256FM c£350

Website: www.espguitars.com

Fender – Player Telecaster HH c£499

Website: www.fender.com

Fret-King – Esprit I c£475

Website: www.fret-king.com

G&L – Tribute Fallout c£399

Website: www.glguitars.com

Hagstrom – Ultra Swede ESN c£350

Website: www.hagstromguitars.eu

Ibanez – RG370 c£399

Website: www.ibanez.com

Jackson – Dinky Arch Top JS32 c£325

Website: www.jacksonguitars.com

Music Man – Sterling Axis AX3 c£349

Website: www.music-man.com

Schecter – Demon-6 c£449

Website: www.schecterguitars.com

Vintage – V100 c£325

Website: www.jhs.co.uk

Washburn – HB 35 c£449

Website: www.washburn.com

Yamaha – Revstar RS420 c£420

Website: www.uk.yamaha.com