10 of the Best Electrics under £500

£500 can get you a really good electric these days.      

There are some fantastic ‘mid’ price electric guitars out there and if you choose your spec carefully you can get a real corker: tone, playability and versatility all in one.

This sector is hotly contested by all manufactures including the big F (via Squier) and the big G (via Epiphone) and whether you are into blues, country, rock, metal, jazz or any point in between there will be a few guitars out there to tempt you.

These are 10 of the best so take your pick…

Epiphone Les Paul Standard c£499

Alternatively, try the SG Modern at £499 or the ES-339 semi at £439
Website: www.epiphone.com

ESP LTD M-201 HT c£499

Alternatively try the Viper 256 at £469 
Website:  www.espguitars.com

G & L Tribute ASAT Special c£449

Website: www.glguitars.com

Gretsch Streamliner G2410TG c£499

Or try the single cut Electromatic Jet G5260 at £499
Website:  www.gretschguitars.com

Ibanez RG370 c£449

For a great semi look at their AS73 Artcore at £439 
Website: www.ibanez.com

Jackson X Series Dinky DK2X c£499

Website: www.jacksonguitars.com

Schecter Demon 6 c£499

The Omen Elite 6 at £479 is also worth a look

Website: www.schecterguitars.com

Sire Larry Carlton S7 Vintage c£499

Website: https://sire-usa.com/

Squire 40th Anniversary Stratocaster c£449

More information: Squire 40th Gold Editions
Take a look also at the Squire Classic range c£449 
Website: www.fender.com

Sterling by Music Man Axis AX3 c£489

Website: www.music-man.com

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