Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Half Stack Amplifier Package –

Introducing the Marshall YJM100 Signature Series 100 Watt, All-valve guitar Amplifier – created to honour Marshall's long standing relationship with the world famous king of neo-classical shred, Yngwie J. Malmsteen.

Based on Marshall’s legendary 1959 model, the British born and built YJM100 not only incorporates our world renowned valve tone, but a whole host of modern features including Booster, Noise Gate, FX loop and our critically acclaimed new Electronic Power Attenuation (EPA) technology.

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This is the cabinet of choice for Yngwie Malmsteen. The 1960AXS24 looks like a 1960AX but is loaded with the higher power Celestion G12T-75 speakers. This cabinet is the perfect partner for the YJM100 head.

A New Vintage The YJM100’s instantly recognizable gold front panel offers typical 1959SLP features – namely Volume Controls for Channel I (High Treble) and Channel II (Normal), a shared EQ section of Bass, Middle and Treble, plus a Presence control.

In keeping with its legendary ‘Plexi’ forefathers, these two channels can be ‘jumped’ together (with included link cable) if desired. This offers a mix of the tonal characteristics of both channels, which can be balanced to your liking using the two Volume controls.

Internally, the YJM100 also boasts the SLP’s timeproven all-valve signal path: A quad of ECC83s provide the initial front-end tone while the same number of mighty EL34s drive the poweramp stage. The Marshall Major sized head is wrapped in classic black levant which is finished with gold beading, hand-cut corners and vintage script logo. In short, vintage all-valve Marshall tone and style at its best.

But there are two sides to the YJM100’s story. . . literally!

The Back Story – the YJM100’s Unique Hidden Features The rear panel houses a host of features which, amongst other things, recreates Yngwie’s own outboard equipment - thus delivering the total “Malmsteen tone” package. First up is an onboard Booster function with controls for both Gain and Volume. This essential Yngwie feature operates exactly like an external stompbox and it has been integrated into the YJM100’s circuitry at the perfect location for maximum effect.

The Gain control defines how much distortion the circuit delivers into the amp’s front-end, whilst the separate Volume control allows you to adjust the amount of extra 'boost' desired. The YJM100’s high-gain Boost feature is coupled with a sophisticated internal Noise Gate. Governed via the threshold control, this intuitive gating technology reacts dynamically to your style of playing, cutting in and out quickly during staccato passages while allowing sustained notes to decay naturally without unnatural clipping. When the Boost function is engaged the Gate is automatically switched on*.

A specially voiced, studio-quality digital Reverb has also been included as Yngwie uses this effect to adapt his sound to suit different venues. What’s more, to satisfy tone-path purists, all the aforementioned rear panel features contain true bypass circuitry, ensuring a pure all-valve signal path when they’re not in use. Additional effects can be connected via the YJM100’s series FX loop, ideal for adding modulation and delay units plus rack mounted effects processors into your YJM rig.

All of these functions – Booster, Gate, Reverb and FX Loop – can be accessed via switches on the rear panel or the included YJM100 Footpedal (PEDL-00046). Built using Marshall’s patented Stompware technology, all that is needed to connect the YJM100 Footpedal to the amp is a standard guitar lead.

Power Control
The YJM100 is one of the first amps to boast Marshall’s new Electronic Power Attenuation (EPA) technology, allowing full-blown, valve-driven tone at any volume. EPA works by modifying the power stage parameters, whilst automatically adjusting the bias circuitry to suit. This makes it possible to reduce 100W of pure valve power to just 0.1W, yet maintain all the tone you would expect of a fully cranked all-valve Marshall.

“When you don't want to break down walls the Attenuator means you can turn it down some,” Yngwie grins. There is also a 50W power reduction switch which, when engaged, removes two power valves from the circuit, effectively turning the YJM100 into a YJM50. This was specially requested by Yngwie. “When I play live I always use a 100-Watt head and a 50-Watt head at the same time,” he reveals. “50-Watts has a creamy, fluid and warm sound while 100-Watts is very hard and aggressive. So, for me, the ultimate sound is one 100W with a 50W hooked up together. The result is simply massive.” FYI, the EPA technology can be used to adjust the 50 Watt mode output from 50 to 0.05 of a Watt!

The versatility this technology offers means the YJM100 can be used in a variety of different situations – bedroom, pub, club, theater, studio and stadium!

Self-Biasing circuitry ensures optimum performance in every possible location and the Valve Fault indicator allows you to monitor the YJM100's power amp section. If a power valve develops a problem whilst in 100 Watt mode, the YJM100 will automatically switch to 50W, making sure that you keep rocking!

The Ultimate 1959
Put simply, the Yngwie J Malmsteen Signature Series YJM100 can be thought of as the ultimate 1959 – vintage style and classic Marshall all-valve tone on the front, complemented with intelligent modern day features on the rear. It’s a fitting tribute to the man who, since the early ‘80s, has inspired a whole generation of shredders and practically created his own rock genre. “To finally have my own signature Marshall head is an honour. I cannot imagine a more complete amp!” Yngwie concludes. “Vintage look and sound, with incredible versatility and features. This amp is truly a masterpiece!”

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